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Jennifer Metcalf-Boren

Certified Consultant

My Story

 Thank you so much for visiting my page! I joined Scentsy because I am in  LOVE with Scentsy products and I also wanted to make a little extra money without spending a lot of time away from my already full life.  I have a full time job, but in today's economy, it is tougher and tougher to make ends meet.   One day I stumbled upon a Scentsy warmer I HAD to have (the cupcake) and ordered it the same day- after having my warmer and scentsy scent for one day,  I knew I loved this product, could make a little money, and have a lot of fun- the rest is history.  I have fallen in love with so many warmers and scents!  I am in the Los Angeles area but with online ordering and mobile basket parties you can literally enjoy Scentsy wherever you are!  I will make sure you have everything you need, so whether you'd like to buy, host a party and earn free products, or join Scentsy yourself, please contact me!  I'd love to help you. =) =), Jennifer 

What's warming in my home